How To Flirt With A Guy

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Women who are very good at flirting do so at every opportunity. All these moments serve as platforms for these women to practice this very important seduction skill, and if you are willing and ready, you can easily do the same as well. Just follow the tips below and you will be off to flirting heaven in no time! So without further ado, here is your guide on how to flirt with a guy.

Flirting with strangers in random places

Flirting with strangers can be fun, but there is an art to it. You don't need toblatantly and aggressively make out with just about anybody; you have to slowly and steadily build the momentum towards "flirting climax." If you find yourself eyeing someone in a bar or in a restaurant, give the guy you are interested in a prolonged gaze. Then when he has notices you, subtly keep his interest by literally just letting your hair down. Nothing beats a good view of your glorious hair. You can also buy him a drink without him knowing it. Just say to the man you're trying to flirt with that the bartender gave you an extra and you would like to share, lest the drink goes to waste! If you are in random places such as the gasoline station or the supermarket, ask the guy for the time, but instead of waiting for an answer, snake your hand around his arm and gently turn his watch towards you so you can check the time yourself. Ask for help in reaching for that elusive jar of scented candle located at the very top shelf at the supermarket, and then offer to buy the guy a drink to thank him for his kind gesture.


Virtual flirting for the win!

A couple flirting.The key to successfully flirting with a guy online is to be honest. More often, people get tempted to create a new persona online, just because they can. Remember, virtual flirting may be fun, but to truly flirt with a guy requires you to take things to another level. With this in mind, try to be truthful when you go online. Remember however, some basic rules -- do not stalk the guy you want to flirt with. This means not sending him tons of private messages, not leaving a comment on his every picture, and not retweeting everything he posts. Keep your cool, and when chatting with him, always ask open-ended questions. That way, you keep the conversation going. Also, try to include subtle calls to action with your posts. For example, post about a food market that is happening in your neighborhood and say that this would be fun if you could have someone with you. Then ask him directly about his favorite food. If you are lucky, his favorites may be featured in that market and you will now have a chance to invite him to go with you. Do not end statements with generic answers like, “Ok” or “LOL”, this signals an end to a conversation and does not show personality.

The most important rule in flirting

In any flirting endeavor, always remember the golden rule: Enjoy yourself. If you find yourself stressed out, you are probably doing it wrong. If you feel self conscious, you are clearly over thinking things. Remember that flirting is a fun way to get to know another person so enjoy the ride and throw caution to the wind!

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Article Written by Katie Garrison