How To Get A Guy To Like You

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People say that the worst thing about liking a guy is not knowing if he will like you back.  Of course you would want him to like you, ask you out, and eventually be together with you, but you have to know that there is so much more you can do than just wait. You can actually get a guy to like you! Here are some tips you can do to make a guy like you back:

  1. The best way to make him realize that you are likeable is for you to know your worth

Guys like confident girls who are not clingy. The best way to appear confident is to BE confident. Discover what you love about yourself, work on your weaknesses and accept your limitations. Only when you love yourself will you be able to convince others that you are worth loving. Also, guys are attracted to girls who live their own lives, so do not be afraid to be your own person.


  1. Be pleasing to the eye

Hot guy on beach.Surely, you have read a lot of materials saying that men are visual beings. This is absolutely true, and so the way for you to get a guy to like you is for you to look your best. No, you do not have to starve yourself in order to look super skinny. Instead, do an honest assessment. What are your best physical features? Once you have listed them all down, it is just a matter of highlighting them. Of course, you may need a bit of help from the makeup and fashion departments. For example, if you are particularly proud of your smoldering, attractive eyes, highlight them by discarding your specs, donning on some contact lenses, and always, and we mean ALWAYS, putting on mascara. It is amazing what mascara can do to emphasize pretty eyes. Add a bit of eyeliner and you have just upgraded from attractive to sexy, come hither eyes! Research and research some more on how other women highlight their best features, and do not be afraid of experimenting!

  1. Be attractive to other people

Men like competition, so if you want to get a guy to like you, strive to be coveted by other men, especially his friends. This does not give you license to go and date all of his friends though, the least thing the guy you are attracted to needs is a girl of “loose” character. Instead, be pleasing to his friends, even to the point of SLIGHTLY (and harmlessly) flirting with them so that the guy you like would always be reminded that you are a catch and that he has to make his move now before any other person gets the same idea.

  1. Be bold, and then have patience (or vice versa)

Of course you cannot force yourself to another person. Like any other endeavor, you have to be patient and trust that doing all the points mentioned above will work. However, when it appears that your man is refusing to budge, maybe it is time to muster all your courage and actually ask him out. For all you know, this man is meek and is actually scared of making the first move. He may be waiting for you, so what are you waiting for?


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Article Written by Katie Garrison