How To Keep Your Man From Cheating

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Men cheat for many reasons, sometimes, even with no clear reason, only that he can. Perhaps he was feeling that your relationship has now become so mundane and he was bored; perhaps he may have been tempted into submission by another woman. Perhaps it’s the combination of many reasons, i.e. he has been feeling pressure from work, you do not have a lot of time for him like you used to, or his roster of values does not include fidelity. Whatever his reason is, you have to remember that it is not entirely your fault. Whether you forgive him or not is another issue altogether, for now, we focus on the little things you can do to (attempt to) keep a man from cheating on you.

Be excited and exciting

You should both work hard to keep your relationship exciting. Go out on dates, just like when you were just starting to go out. Discover new places, things and experiences together. Be excited when you are with your man, and show him that you are excited. Sometimes, men cheat for the novelty of it, so when you are able to provide him that novelty, then he need not look someplace else to feel excited.

Easy on the control issues

A man cheating on his wife.You do not own your man, and neither does he own you. You may have mutually decided to be together, but you still lead separate lives. Respect that your man has a separate life, acknowledge that his friends may be a lot different than yours (perhaps you may not even like some of them), or that he has to go out with colleagues from work or that he may need some alone time. Do not make him report to you, and do not become a mother to him. Avoid nagging and avoid controlling him. Accept that he has flaws and that the only person who can change him is himself, not you. Let go of your control issues because your obsession of controlling him can make you a frustrated, bitter person, and seriously, no one wants to be with that person.

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Mark your ground

Although you shouldn't control your man, you have to tell the world that he is yours. That is why when you go out, establish your “territory” so that other women would immediately understand that you are ready to defend your relationship with your man. With this being said, try to be somebody your partner will be proud to show off to people, so look your best, not for him, but for you. If you look good, you feel good, and you will be able to comfortably show the world why your man should stick with you.

Find opportunities for you to broach the subject of infidelity with your man. Make a stand with this issue, and then keep your stand. For example, if you tell your man casually that you cannot stand cheating, and then you eventually find out that he cheated on you nonetheless, do what you promised you will do—leave him. Men are attracted to strong women, and he will soon find out that you are a person who stays true to her word, rather than a person who dilly dallies with her principles.


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Article Written by Katie Garrison