How To Talk To A Guy

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One reason why girls hesitate to talk to guys is simply because of fear. Sometimes, the hesitation is driven out of fear of being rejected, sometimes, of not knowing what will come out of it, but most of the time, it is only because girls do not know how to go on about it.

Pepper the conversation with open-ended questions

When you decide to go up to a guy, try not to ramble even if you are nervous. Remember to pause and ask the guy some open-ended questions. These are questions not answerable by a mere “Yes” or “No”. This will encourage the guy to open up and respond himself. And when the guy starts talking, allow him. Try not to cut him off, instead try to ask more follow-up questions to get the conversation going. Questions are great tools to anchor conversations on, and they are not difficult to frame. You can always start with “How did you find the exam we just took?” Most likely, this will open the gates towards a fruitful conversation.

Smile and be merry

Couple talking at bar.This is especially applicable if you have only started conversing with the guy and you do not know him very well. Appear casual and always put a smile on your face. This will reveal your cheerful disposition, a very attractive trait to guys. Also, do not be afraid to laugh. Laughter is infectious and it will put the guy you are talking to at ease. Of course, try not to fake a laugh (especially in responding to his jokes) as faking laughter is quite insulting. Instead, genuinely and actively listen to the guy and appreciate him for what he is. When you appreciate him, laughing at his jokes and responding warmly to your conversation will come naturally.

Let him know that he is needed

Man’s primal instinct pushes him to be protective of girls. You should take advantage of this fact and allow the guy to show you that he can protect you. For example, hold his arm when you are about to cross the street, as if you intend for him to protect you from the moving traffic. And after his protective moves, show your gratitude. You do not need to gush and praise him, but he will appreciate a very sincere and grateful “Thank You” for sure. You will make him feel better, and he will always want to be with you because of this.

Prepare to flirt

Flirting is a fun way to send the message that you are interested at the guy. Also, flirting is harmless and you will find enjoyment on it for sure. However, try not to go overboard with the flirting so you will not appear desperate. Remember, flirting is all about giving a bit of motive, and then pulling back. Know the value of playing hard to get. Guys like a good challenge, and girls like you should always remember this. Do not lay down all your cards on the table, lest he quickly loses interest. Instead, keep him guessing what your next move will be. Be a little mysterious in your words and in your actions so that he has something to think about when you are not together. Pique his interest by the novelty of your presence, and rest assured, your conversations will be worth remembering.


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Article Written by Katie Garrison