How To Keep Your Man Interested

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It is relatively easy to pique a man’s interest rather than to keep him interested. When the surprise value has gone, you really have to be interesting to keep him fixated at you. Do not worry though, for there are a lot of other things you can do to ensure that you will always be in his mind. Read on to find out what these are.

  1. 1.) Indulge in his interests

Try to find out what your man’s likes and dislikes are, and try as much as you can to experience the things that he like. You do not need to like them all , you only need to show him that you are willing to pour some major effort to discovering who he is through his hobbies and interests. Also, he is most likely to stay interested with you because he is now able to associate you with the things that interest him.

  1. 2.) Give each other some space

Although your man clearly wants to spend a majority of his time with you, the fact is, the both of you still live separate lives. Respect this truth and avoid being in his face all the time. If you insist that he reports to you every single thing he is doing... every single day, you will appear pathetic and insecure, and this is definitely not the way to keep your man interested in you.

  1. 3.) Read cues like a pro

Man interested in woman.Be one step ahead in determining his needs, and then help address them. You should be seen as someone who has the potential of becoming a partner in the long run, rather than just the fun girl who knows how to party. Listen actively to his dreams and then help him achieve them. Note that you are merely taking the role of becoming his driving force, so your job is to keep him inspired and encouraged to do his best. Never be pushy nor overly critical of his faults.

  1. 4.) Keep things exciting

Just because you have gone on several dates does not mean your job is now done and you can now slack off. On the contrary, you have to keep pushing in order to keep his interest. Try out new things and new experiences. Stay on top of your game by tending to yourself—yes, this includes the way you look, too! Men appreciate what they see so you better be a sight to behold, always.

  1. 5.) Discover who he is

When you keep on trying to discover the person that your man is, he feels that you are interested in him, and his instinct will be to reciprocate. Men like to receive affirmation from women, so try to express your appreciation to him. Avoid over placating though, as that would make you appear quite desperate. Instead, give him compliments for the concrete things that he does.
Finally, enjoy these moments of discovering who he really is. Do not treat him, or the process of getting to know him as a burden. At the end of the day, if you do not end up with him, at least you can look back to the happy moments and you will not regret a single thing. Only when you are this carefree, that he is able to let his guard down, and do the same as you.


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Article Written by Katie Garrison