How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

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Contrary to popular belief, the process of a guy asking you out does not solely depend on him. Sometimes, men need an extra push, and you just might be able to give it to him. No, we do not mean you have to manipulate him to ask you out, but you can certainly do a couple of things in order to make the process easier for him.

Be yourself

A lot of women fake hobbies, interests and personalities for the benefit of the guy. They think that they know what a guy would like and they strive to remake themselves in accordance to this “mold” they have in their heads. Faking is the worst thing that you can do because nobody likes a faker, and eventually, your real self will peek through all the pretentions. Instead, try to check what your common interests are and build on this. If his personality is exactly opposite to yours, do not despair. Being different is not a deal breaker, for as long as you know how to not make this an issue. Attract his interest by showing him that you are open to new experiences, including trying out the things that he likes. Who knows, he just might feel challenged enough to ask you out so that you can both experience new things, together.


Show him your sense of humor

A couple asking a girl out.There is nothing wrong with a witty girl—in fact, men like girls who can make them laugh. Do not be scared to tease him, to tell a joke, and to laugh at yourself. Chances are he will laugh with you too. Remember though, not to go overboard with the sarcasm. The thing with sarcasm is that guys may not “get” your sarcasm immediately, so you risk him thinking that you actually mean the sarcastic statements you are saying.

Drop hints, and avoid being friendzoned

Sometimes, in your bid to establish a common ground with the guy whom you want to date, you fall into the trap of being friendzoned. This means that he has become so comfortable with you since your personality is so like him, that he is now treating you as a…friend (gasp!). In every conversation, subtly remind him that you intend to become his romantic interest. Flirt with him, and send clear messages. More often than not, men cannot (or will not bother) to interpret mixed signals so always be clear that you are girlfriend material. You can also solicit the help of your friends in this department by casually letting them know that you are romantically attracted to the guy and just waiting for him to ask you out. Chances are, they will pass on this message to the guy you are interested in, and will even prod him to finally ask you out!

Spend time with him

A guy will only decide to ask you out if he has a bit of knowledge about you, if he knows that you are available, and if he knows that spending time with you will be enjoyable. Help him in this department by letting him know that you are willing to spend time with him, and that you believe that your personalities are a good match. Remember, spending time with him is a good way to establish a common ground, and really assess if he just might be the one for you.

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Article Written by Katie Garrison