How To Get A Guy's Attention

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All you ladies listen up! Have you ever found yourself wondering why that guy you found extremely attractive did not even give you a second glance? Do you doubt your inner goddess? Are you scared that the man destined for you will just pass you by and you will end up growing old alone? If you ticked a miserable ‘yes’ to all these questions, roll up your sleeves, because you have some major work to do, girl!

Flirt, flirt and flirt again!

Getting his attentionTruth be told, practice makes perfect, and this applies to flirting too! Seize every opportunity to sharpen your flirting prowess by unabashedly flirting every time you can. Going on a grocery run? Make eye contact with male shoppers, and do not be stingy with your smile. Remember, the way to get a guy’s attention is to appear friendly, free of drama, and always open to the possibility of going out on a date with a random stranger. With this being said, do not go out, not even just to run to the nearest food truck, looking like you just got out of bed. Men are visual beings, and before they pay attention to your amazing personality, they first look at your face and your body. Look your best always—this shows that you are confident and that you love yourself. A strong, confident woman is a turn on, and you will get a guy’s attention in no time.

So how exactly do you flirt? Easy peasy. Zoom in to a guy you like and stare at him until he catches your eye. Give half a smile and feign surprise, and then look away. Repeat until he summons the courage to approach you. Better yet, repeat until YOU summon the courage to go up to him to say a casual “Hello”. When he responds, it is time to strike up a very good conversation.


Strike fun but memorable conversations

Remember, a casual conversation is not only a way to catch a guy’s attention, it can also be your ticket to seeing him again. When you talk to a man, look out for cues on how he acts. Does he like waving his hands around while talking? Try to imitate (but try not to do it obviously). Is he fond of laughing in between sentences? Do the same. This may sound silly, but when you mirror his actions, he feels like he found a kindred spirit in you and will thus feel comfortable. Capitalize on this so you can attract him even more.

Do not forget to show that you are attracted to him. Casually brush your hand against his thighs, or lightly grasp his arm when you tell a joke. He will notice and feel your presence for sure. Most importantly, appear to be fun-loving during conversations. Also, always get ready to leave your digits so he can contact you. Consider making fun calling cards, and bring them wherever you are. Frequent the place where you met him—chances are, he will go back to “hunt” for you.

Catching a guy’s attention is not rocket science, any girl can do it. You just have to be confident enough to unleash your fun side, and always remember the value of always being beautiful, inside and out.



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Article Written by Katie Garrison